Meet RGM Leona Guerrero


RGM Leona Guerrero’s very first job was with Taco Bell, making $7.25 an hour. And she never left. Why?

“I felt like they gave me a chance and I was faithful… I didn’t want to leave,” she says. “They saw something in me that I didn’t see.”

Shortly after Leona joined the Taco Bell family, she inquired if there was any way she could move up the ladder. Management heard her and she was promoted regularly, jumping to Shift Lead then Assistant General Manager and finally, Restaurant General Manager (RGM). Today, she’s added Market Training Manager to her list of current responsibilities, helping to train DRG’s most promising leaders of tomorrow.


Leona claims she “wasn’t perfect” when she joined DRG. But with the right training and tools to improve on her performance, her numbers quickly improved. That got her so excited!

“Everyone can do it if they’re trained the right way,” she says, reflecting on how it all came together for her.

As a manager, Leona is now the one looking for new team members who show the potential for growth and improvement. She says her team is very competitive and strives to be the best. For this reason, she has to look for the right personalities to fit with her team.

“We’re outgoing, we’re happy, we’re loud,” she says.

They have to have that Taco Bell spiritthis isn’t just a job. It could be just a step stool, a step ladder for you to go somewhere else. But this could be a potential career.

And that’s exactly what it was for Leona. Most recently, she let DRG know that she would like to become an Area Coach. While there’s no guarantee, once again her ambitions were heard and she was placed in a leadership development class, where she’s being given the tools to succeed and become a more effective leader.

“As long as you get the right training and you do all the things, and use all the tools you can go very far in this company.