Congrats to our Signature Restaurants


Signature Restaurants are restaurants that deliver best-in-class service and have the people, unrivaled culture and fundamentals in place to serve delicious food from open to close! Being a Signature Restaurant means you have mastered the science and art of being a premier Taco Bell. Once you’ve done that, that’s where the Golden Bell award for individuals comes into play.

How to become a Signature Restaurant: 

  • Top 20% of restaurants with the lowest customer dissatisfaction rate
  • DT Speed 3:30 or less
  • Pass 100% of the CORE food safety audits
  • Display positive year-over-year transaction growth
  • Assure 90% or more of your restaurant staff are fully trained in their role

Achieve all of the above Signature Restaurant requirements and the top 100 general managers and area coaches will achieve Golden Bell status. That means you will receive an invitation to the recognition event of the year most often held in Hawaii!

2021 Golden Bell Winners:

Sarita Singh

General Manager
Store 30937, Pittsburg, CA
Area Coach: Dolores Gonzalez

Bryan Hermoza

General Manager
Store 30796, San Carlos, CA
Area Coach: Chris Castellanos

Gerald Fernandez

General Manager
Store 30758, San Mateo, CA
Area Coach: Chris Castellanos

DRG Signature Restaurants: 

Store 30753, Bay Point, CA

General Manager: Julie Ann Dacasin
Area Coach: Dolores Gonzalez

Store 30754, Pacifica, CA

General Manager: Janet Amador
Area Coach: James Aman 

Store 30755, Newark, CA

General Manager: Ratrecha Pickett
Area Coach: Ryan Brando

Store 30764, Freedom, CA

General Manager: Teresa Marin
Area Coach: Mike Scheidegger

Store 30766, Livermore, CA

General Manager: Zafia Begum
Area Coach: Griselda Godinez

Store 30770, Soquel, CA

General Manager: Claudia Dedios
Area Coach: Mike Scheidegger 

Store 30774, San Leandro, CA

General Manager: Maria Briseno Bernal
Area Coach: Diana Flores

Store 30776, Concord, CA

General Manager: Luz Ramirez
Area Coach: Carlos Portillo

Store 30793, San Jose, CA

General Manager: Miriam Barcenas Aguilar
Area Coach: Laurent Moulin

Store 30795, Hayward, CA

General Manager: Concepcion Avina Lopez
Area Coach: Diana Flores

Store 30810, Tracy, CA

General Manager: Guadalupe Martinez
Area Coach: Griselda Godinez 

Store 31884, Carson City, NV

General Manager: Wilmer Limas
Area Coach: Mallory Hurtado 

Store 31885, Elko, NV

General Manager: Justin Stewart
Area Coach: Dawn Frazier 

Store 31902, Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Anabel Fernandez-Solis
Area Coach: Livi Olvera 

Store 31917, Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Laura Urrea
Area Coach: Connie Bejar

Store 35243, Independence, MO

General Manager: Kayla Blystone
Area Coach: Layla Awo

Store 39789, Orange, CA

General Manager: Lina Mam
Area Coach: Antonio Navarro

Store 39790, Sylmar, CA

General Manager: Olga L Mata Romero
Area Coach: Martha Medina

Store 39793, Hemet, CA

General Manager: Hilda Gallegos
Area Coach: Benjamin Gonzalez

Store 39799, San Fernando, CA

General Manager: Gloria Valencia
Area Coach: Martha Medina

Store 30787, Redwood City, CA

General Manager: Araceli Madrigal
Area Coach: Chris Castellanos 

Store 30791, Redwood City, CA

General Manager: Ramneet Kaur
Area Coach: Chris Castellanos 

Store 37328, Danville, CA

General Manager: Edilberto Domingo
Area Coach: James Aman

Triple Aces:

207 Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Alma Perez
Area Coach: Steve Mizer

6402 Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Erika Saucedo
Area Coach: Laura Fuentes

6430 Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Georgina Misner
Area Coach: Steve Mizer

7781 Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Julia Herrera
Area Coach: Laura Fuentes

8855 Las Vegas, NV

General Manager: Rocio Banda
Area Coach: Laura Fuentes

8862 Henderson, NV

General Manager: Corinne Canavan
Area Coach: Laura Fuentes