Employee Spotlight: Mario Diaz


Meet Mario Diaz, a hard working general manager in California who’s driven to continue to climb our career ladder. We caught up with Mario recently and, from diversity of tasks to his favorite menu item, here’s what he loves about his role:

DRG: Where were you prior to your role now as RGM?

Mario: I was the Assistant Manager at the Petaluma Taco Bell.

DRG: What do you love about your job?

Mario: I’m hungry to grow. I love assisting my Area Coaches, I love the environment and I want to get better.

DRG: What makes your restaurant stand out?

Mario: We’re totally focused on education. We want to make this a training location, and that means we’re paying attention to process every day.

DRG: What motivates you to come to work everyday?

Mario: Every day there is something different to do. It’s not just making tacos. I’m helping my shift leaders work, I’m pushing myself to manage a team, I’m collaborating with my team members. It’s different every day, and I love it.

DRG: What’s your go-to Taco Bell menu item?

Mario: Shredded quesadilla melt. It’s the best.