While sitting under the beautiful Cabo sunshine, we had the pleasure of chatting with Rich Wierzbowski, Vice President of Operations of our Nevada market. Rich has been with DRG for nearly eight years, and he shared with us his contagious excitement for the future of DRG. 

“We’re at Cabo Azul for the second year in a row,” says Rich. “It’s celebrating DRG as a whole, but then some specific individuals that seem to go above and beyond.” And boy, there’s lot to celebrate this year!

During his time at DRG, Rich has experienced his own explosive career growth, which he attributes to the opportunities provided to him by DRG leadership.

“When we were part of the franchise that DRG bought, I was an Area Coach,” Rich shares. I’ve had the chance to go ahead and grow my career exponentially over the last seven and a half years.

“DRG has been one heck of a company to go ahead and work for.” -Rich Wierzbowski, VP of Operations, Nevada



With his tenure and expertise, Rich is now getting a taste of what it’s like to be in leadership. He’s had the privilege of training in Kara Ramirez, the new VP of Operations in Kansas City, as part of DRG’s Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative. “Somebody with Kara’s leadership and background is something that that market really needs … I think that’s one of the keys to her success is that she knows that market.”

Rich is the perfect example of a true leader, taking the time to develop another future leader, just as others have done for him. 

She’s [learning] things in record time,” Rich says of his Kansas City counterpart

“The great thing about the leadership in our company is that they want to go ahead and pay that forward, and reward the people that are doing a great job with wonderful opportunities like this trip to Cabo.” -Rich Wierzbowski, VP of Operations, Nevada

Rich and DRG have no plans to slow down anytime soon. 

“As we continue to go ahead and grow our company, there’s nothing but fantastic opportunity,” he shares. 

While DRG continues to grow every day, Rich’s message to everyone is that the opportunities at DRG are limitless. “If you’re looking to be in Cabo, this is an opportunity that’s open to everybody in DRG work hard, treat your people right, go out of your way to go ahead and do the extras, and you can go ahead and see yourself here in Cabo.”

Rich, we remain grateful for your hard work, exceptional attitude and leadership!