Positivity & Culture with AC Paola Heredia



This is Paola Heredia, Orange County Area Coach. She’s new to DRG — not quite at one year with the company — but definitely not new to the restaurant industry, where she’s worked for several brands in fast food and fast casual dining over the past 17 years. Today, Paola oversees eight of DRG’s Orange County Taco Bells.

This savvy leader has learned much about culture and positivity, and how the two are so closely intertwined. She says it begins with communication.

If we don’t have communication, we can’t create culture,” she says in reflection. 

DRG’s Taco Bells typically staff between 25 to 30 employees per restaurant, so there are a lot of people to keep in the loop! According to Paola, communication for her restaurant teams starts with a daily business call. Daily check-ins are about staying on track and also promoting good news. 

We have to celebrate success every single day and encourage them,” she says of the importance of daily calls. “Start the day on a positive note. 

For Paola, it’s always been about the people. She says people leave the most impact on our lives and simultaneously, we have the power to make others’ lives better. In her role, Paola has had a direct impact on improving the lives of her team members through the hiring of new RGMs for six of her eight restaurants. Leaders who lead well, inspire and motivate. This is culture building at its finest!

Positive people attract positive people.” -Paola Heredia



According to Paola, you start creating culture as you build your team: hire, train and cross-train existing employees, and“just take it from there.”

What does a leader like Paola look for in candidates?

I always look for enthusiastic, positive people that are willing to learn,” she says. Continuing, she adds, those who arewilling to take new challenge[s], new responsibilities, and just start moving forward. 

Hiring positive people can lead to a happier workplace and more pleasant experience for guests. Oozing with positivity and enthusiasm? Get a job with us!

According to Paola, what makes DRG unique is its culture, where the people you work with eight to 10 hours a day are like a second family. Guest service is also top notch.

Happy employees make happy customers, and will make great food,” she says. The difference I see with the employees being happy is that they will always deliver results.

We’re just one team, one DRG.” -Paola Heredia

Having fun is also part of DRG company culture. In fact, it’s one of our core values! Guests pick up on that vibe when they’re in the drive-thru lane or walking into a Taco Bell.

Paola seems happy at DRG, too. She says finally working for an employer that values who she is and remembers details about her personal life has made a difference. Before joining DRG, she wasn’t sure of where she was going with her career, but now feels more sure of herself and her potential.