Meet RGM Holly Sartin


Holly Sartin is the General Manager of DRG’s Taco Bell on East Santa Fe Street in Olathe, KS, a role she’s happily held on to for 12 years. Hers is a story of finding what you really love and sticking with it.

Holly became a general manager in 2010. She served as an Area Coach for a year, but then says she recognized her own strengths as an “operator” and went back to being a GM. 

I gotta be hands on,” she explains. I love being sidebyside, working and coaching and training. 


Holly has been with the Taco Bell brand for 20 years and under DRG leadership since it acquired the Kansas market four years ago. She says the transition from former ownership to DRG was definitely beneficial for her team, especially considering the company’s DRG Cares employee assistance program and the available scholarship opportunities. A student from her restaurant location once won $5,000!

So what really keeps her here?

“It’s the people, the culture,” she says.

I get to train kids and when they start their first job build their career and set them on the right path. It’s awesome, I love it!” 

Holly remains happy in her managerial role because of the satisfaction that comes with building relationships and setting her employees up for success.

But she also admits it hasn’t all been rosy. When asked what it’s been like over the course of her career, she says it can be a bit like a rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs. And yet she sees the challenges as opportunities for growth, and continues to enjoy this work.

The people make it what I love the most about it,” she says. 

As for advice for other RGMs facing challenges at their restaurants? Be patient,” she says. Definitely be patient. It’s a lot of work, especially when you have young kids come in…”

Holly’s team at Taco Bell has become like a second family. They celebrate birthdays, employee graduations and weddings together. While she has her own family at home and a growing bunch of grandkids, she touts the company’s family culture as “hands down, the best.” She says she tells everyone she hires that she’ll spend more time with them than her own family!