Kelly Hart Celebrates 40 Years with Taco Bell

At DRG, we like to celebrate important milestones in our team members’ lives. Join us in congratulating Kelly Hart, a Kansas City team member who recently celebrated her 40th year with the brand. We caught up with Kelly to find out why she loves her job so much and what advice she has to other employees across our markets.

What’s your favorite part about working at Taco Bell?

I think it’s the impact I am allowed to have on so many lives, both guests and my team. I thought growing up I wanted to be a teacher. At Taco Bell,  I get to live that dream daily. The impact I get to have on their lives is priceless.

What was the transition to DRG like?

The acquisition did not change our daily routine at all. We still have the same mission daily of filling our guests’ and employees’ lives with Más.

What’s your favorite Taco Bell menu item?

Chicken quesadilla!

What advice do you have for a team member looking for a long-term career?

We sell tacos and burritos but this is a people business. The key is relationships with your team and guest. If you can manage those things successfully, everything will fall into place. Learn something new and have fun every single day!