New Arby’s in Fairbanks, AK sets all-time Arby’s Brand Weekly Sales Record


Early this month, the DRG team opened a new Arby’s in Fairbanks, AK and so far the results have been outstanding! Located at 1391 University Ave. S, the newly constructed Arby’s boasts some of the brands’ new restaurant design features as well as the traditional Arby’s menu. Restaurant-goers shared all on the Fairbanks Food and Restaurant Review, a community Facebook page with more than 13,000 members.

“Arby’s! You guys rocked! That’s the way you do it! I rang that bell loud and proud when I left! Thank you!”
Lisa Centner-Smith, Fairbanks Food and Restaurant Review Facebook page member

Drive-thru lines this week wrapped around the Safeway parking lot, but General Manager James Poole, Area Coach Noelle Spafford, and the great restaurant team were able to keep the line moving and guests happy. Jessica McElhaney, a member of the Fairbanks Food and Restaurant group, said that her experience at Arby’s was fantastic. “The wait wasn’t bad at all for opening day, maybe 10 cars deep and the line moved pretty fast,” she wrote in her review. “We had a big order and not a single thing was messed up.  They even gave us a bag full of sauces and thanked us for coming!”

Despite the overwhelming sales, the restaurant team is upbeat and excited to bring the Arby’s flavors to their town! “The unique challenge of Alaska is getting certain products and equipment from down south all the way up here – so logistically, it’s been a new and unique experience for us,” Jason Dunn, DRG’s Sr. Director for Arby’s, told KTFV.

“I’m so proud of the team in Fairbanks. Their execution has been impeccable, their speed of service is exceptional and we look forward to continuing to grow with this great brand!”
— SG Ellison, DRG President