Quamrul benefits from Tuition Reimbursement Program


Quamrul Mullah is Restaurant General Manager who took advantage of the tuition reimbursement program. We wanted to hear how the program help Quamrul in furthering his education.

  1. What are your educational passions and goals outside of the restaurant? 
    Helping others is my passion. I believe life is not just about being happy, but being useful, compassionate and making a difference. Outside of the restaurant, my educational goal is to become better a mindful learner. Being mindful allows flexible thinking with different possibilities in every situation.
  1. Why did you decided to leverage the tuition reimbursement program?
    At DRG, the executive management team is very uplifting each and every one in the company. They create a culture of caring and moving together. I decide to enroll in school to learn and work on leadership skills and so I can be more productive and innovative at work. Since the Tuition Assistance program is available, I thought the program would be helpful to me.
  1. How did the program help support you, or make you feel supported?
    Tuition for school is very expensive. This program helped me to pay my tuition fees and expenses. By reducing financial concerns,I have more time for studying and learning. This program is a savior for me.
  1. What’s your current role and title with DRG?
    I’m a Restaurant General Manager, currently in a stretch assignment to overseeing three locations. The lessons I have learned at the Organizational Leadership program have been invaluable and eye opening. I want to bring out some of the skills I learned including visionary leadership, effective change maker and strategic planning to the managers for outstanding operation excellence.