Director of Ops Shane Grant is All About the People



Sometimes it just takes that one random encounter to set the course. For Shane Grant, now DRG’s Director of Operations, it started with an unexpected networking inquiry on LinkedIn.

Neither DRG nor Taco Bell were even on his job prospecting radar at the time. But after connecting with COO Todd Kelly via the popular social networking platform, a couple of Zoom interviews later, Shane agreed to tour DRG’s restaurants in the Las Vegas market with Todd and several others.

“What I remember really well about the conversation is … it just seemed natural,” he says. Though he knows he was being actively recruited, he says it didn’t feel that way at all. According to Shane, Todd treated him “like a friend, colleague” right from the beginning; it was comfortable. And the job offer felt really good, too!

“I felt valued from the start.” -Shane Grant, Director of Operations

You could say that initial trip to Las Vegas made a strong impression. Shane witnessed firsthand how positively DRG leaders interacted with team members. It was the ultimate deciding factor for him: “It starts at the top. The ‘people piece’was there — I saw it instantly.”

For Shane, who’s a total people person, that’s huge. This guy’s in the business for the people!

“I think what makes us different than other companies is … we don’t just say the words, we really do try to do things that are really going to make people’s lives positive and make a difference,” he says, referencing our core values. “I think as a company, you can see our ‘people focus’ from the top all the way through.”

How? Great benefits, DRG Cares, tuition assistance, personal touches at the restaurant level. Also, in the way of people development. As someone whose previous experience was not in the QSR space, Shane speaks highly of the training. To set people up for success, DRG sends people into restaurants to learn what Taco Bell is all about before they’re responsible for running a store.

Training was critical when Shane transitioned into his role in 2022. DRG had just taken over 75 locations in southern California, which was both exciting and a bit scary for him. He says there were some challenges, including a lack of training and the need to move the new restaurants over to DRG platforms, which required more … training!

“There was a lot of heavy lifting,” he says of the transition, which usually takes a couple of years. “But at the end of all of it … I think the really great learning is that we moved a mountain in a really short time.”

Today, with nearly 300 Taco Bells in it’s portfolio, there’s plenty of opportunity at DRG.

“Growth, opportunity, it’s real.” -Shane Grant, Director of Operations

Shane encourages teenagers to apply now and start building a career with DRG. After only a year, Shane said he plans to retire with Taco Bell and DRG!