Professional Development At DRG Looks Like: Meeting Your Mentor In Mexico


We met up with Corrine during the DRG Champions Club trip in San José del Cabo, Mexico. Corrine is a General Manager in North Las Vegas, as well as a CTM for DRG Meats – the Arby’s side of DRG.

“It’s been incredible,” Corrine shared about the trip. “I did everything I wanted to do, I saw everything I wanted to see, and it’s been amazing.”

Corrine’s infectious personality is a perfect example of DRG’s core values, and she knows them by heart. “Dream big, work hard, play fair, have fun, get it done, and make a difference,” Corrine says. “And that’s what we do.”


While Corrine is so grateful to have been invited to Champions Club this year, she feels that it is her responsibility as a manager to develop others to earn their spot in the following years. “My favorite thing is training and development … I think it’s my job to bring someone else here next year, she says.

When you earn your spot as a Champs Club member, you also earn the right to bring a plus-one on the complimentary trip. Of all the people she could bring, Corrine brought a colleague of hers — an area coach from Taco Bell. She believes spending extra time with colleagues is vital for her professional development. Corrine’s generosity was swiftly rewarded. “I think I found a new mentor,” she shares.

Congrats, Corrine! We can’t wait to see who from your area will make the trip next year.

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