GM Estefania Ortiz started as a Food Champion with Taco Bell in 2011, when she first arrived in California from Argentina. Taco Bell became her first employer in the U.S. It was a short stint of eight months — she stayed just long enough to get a taste for the action.

Then three years ago, Estefania was given an opportunity to come back to the Taco Bell family as a general manager and that’s when she realized she could make a career out of this. Working at Taco Bell doesn’t have to be a hard stop on the career ladder, it can be a stepping stone to so much more.

“In a couple months, you can be Shift Lead and start building a career with the company,” says Estefania.

Estefania has now been with DRG for eight months; she’s still relatively new to management at her current location in Yorba Linda, CA. She says the transition was challenging, but she’s really happy with her position.

“It’s a big change, but it’s good,” she says. “With DRG, I feel like we have a lot of supportall day, every day, any time.

How does company leadership support managers like Estefania? With training, plenty of coaching and access to other development tools that help build great teams (pssssssst, great teams also need great benefits).

“You’re always going to have all the training tools, all the support and all the coaching available for you to succeed. -Estefania Ortiz, GM 

It doesn’t matter what, they are there for us,” she says. It turns out, Estefania had to test out this theory a few weeks ago!

“I had a little problem in the store and I didn’t know what to do,” she says. “I called my Director of Operations and he answered right away.” 

Together, they resolved the issue at hand and were able to move on quickly. Naturally, this rising star tries to show up in the same manner for her team. This positive work environment is only enhanced by the fact that our team members also enjoy themselves. In fact, one of our core values is that at DRG, we have FUN.

If you’re looking for a job, this will be awesome,” she says. You will have so much fun!”