Meet Newbie RGM Dede Crawford: Proud to be Part of the DRG Family



Kadiedra “Dede” Crawford is new to DRG, having just joined our team in August as the Restaurant General Manager(RGM) at our Corona, CA Taco Bell.

From what we gather, the whole transition for Dede has been exciting from the start! She moved inland from San Diego to take the job and be closer to family. As she reflects about her introduction to the company, she recalls music playing the day of her interview and immediately “feeling the vibe” — a welcoming environment, positive energy and a comfortable family feel.

Once she accepted the RGM position, after serving in a similar role with another QSR brand, the fun only continued. According to Dede, DRG has a way of making a team member’s first day special.

My first day was exciting,” Dede says. “It was like a party!

For her first day, she says she was given candy, personally introduced in front of the team by the Area Coach and given a chance to share a bit about herself. She felt very welcome.

At DRG, we believe that experience should go beyond the first day. In fact, one of our core values is to have fun because positive energy is contagious! Even though it’s now “business as usual” for Dede as she runs a busy restaurant and manages her team, she also does her part to spice things up: making up catchy jingles, cheering on team members, getting people to clap once in a while.

I want everyone to feel welcome when they step into the doors,” she says. 

Well, Dede must be doing something right! She says her team members all get along and have great rapport. But they also work hard and understand the importance of the guest experience. In her restaurant, Dede places extra emphasis on customer engagement.

“The customers love our cashiers,” she says. “It is the engagement that matters with my customers.

But clearly it’s strong leadership and warm positivity that make a difference, too. And you can imagine that only trickles down in Dede’s presence.

I love connecting with everyone,” Dede says. “And just getting to know them each as individuals. 

Which makes perfect sense since Dede, too, has felt seen at DRG where she believes she’s accepted for who she is. Here’s to being authentically you, a trait so important to us, that we’ve made it another one of our core values!