DRG adds 16 Arby’s to brand family


Diversified Restaurant Group, a California-based quick-service restaurant business, acquired 16 Arby’s restaurants at the end of 2019 in the greater Las Vegas area (14), Reno (1), and Barstow (1). DRG is one of the nation’s largest Taco Bell franchisees, operating 215 Taco Bell restaurants in 4 states. The addition of Arby’s marks DRG’s first partnership with another restaurant brand

SG Ellison, President of DRG and franchisee of record, believes their tremendous success with Taco Bell will provide momentum for their Arby’s leaders as they look to grow with Arby’s in 2020 and beyond

“We’ve been able to grow our Taco Bell business by over 50% in four years through significant reinvestments in our people, our structures, and our operations. The addition of 15 Arby’s restaurants in the state of Nevada provides a great opportunity to grow through asset remodels and new builds,” Ellison said.

Most notable in the DRG portfolio is the flagship Taco Bell Cantina on the Las Vegas Strip. The company also recently converted a location on the beach in Pacifica, California into a trademark Taco Bell Cantina. Multiple news outlets have labeled the beachside restaurant as the,

coolest Taco Bell in the world

“We’re known for innovation and progressive thinking,” Ellison said, adding DRG actually helped Taco Bell Corporate coin the phrase “cantina.” We are intent on bringing new excitement to the Arby’s brand in Nevada much like we have been able to do across our Taco Bell portfolio. We are also fortunate to add Jason Dunn to our executive team to help lead our Arby’s operations team. Jason’s experience as an operator in both the Arby’s and Krystal (burger) systems equips him well to help us achieve the big goals we have for the business.

“I am excited to return to the Arby’s brand and even more excited to have joined the DRG team,” Dunn said. “After meeting with my new team and feeling their excitement about the opportunity before us, I’m confident that big things lie ahead for Arby’s.”

Arby’s is an American fast food sandwich restaurant chain. Arby’s Restaurant Group is the franchisor of the brand and is headquartered in Atlanta