Meet Matthew Hudson, San Ramon Team Member


Don’t be surprised if you see Matthew’s name scrolling among Hollywood film credits in a few years. At least that’s his long-term goal. “I’ve always been into movies,” he says. “If I could, I’d love to be part of movie production someday.”

But for now, he’s happy to keep making tacos. Matthew joined DRG as a Service Champion in 2020. Today he keeps busy at the San Ramon Cantina, helping customers learn the kiosks or making food in the back of the house.

One benefit to working at Taco Bell, according to 18-year-old Matthew: “I get to hang out with people my age,” he says. “We’re all kind of going through the same thing – navigating high school. And everyone here is super understanding and allows us to keep a flexible schedule.”

Matthew appreciates personal touch, adding that James Aman, his Area Coach, knows him by name.

“It’s not a big corporation that’s strictly business,” Matthew says. “It’s more personal here. They care about your life outside of work.”

Life “outside of work” will soon expand for Matthew. He looks forward to attending Loyola Marymount, and hopes to find a Taco Bell to work at nearby!