When DRG acquired the Ontario, CA Taco Bell in 2021, frustration and fear was in the air. 

“We didn’t know what to expect, but thank God, the company has given us good results,” says Angelica Sandoval, who kept her position as General Manager through the transition. The following interview has been translated from Spanish into English.

Angelica’s candidness about changing restaurant ownership is refreshing and honest. She doesn’t hesitate a minute to elaborate on what was better at DRG compared to the previous owner: receiving more comprehensive benefits. Win-win!

Employees always come first at DRG.

Angelica mentions 401(k) plans and insurance specifically, which we think are “must haves” for team members. It’s always people first at DRG. She says her managers now get vacations and bonuses, which was also not a norm before. 

“The only thing they changed was [adding] more benefits,” she says. And in turn, Angelica and her peers have remained a loyal workforce. She says her teammates continue to motivate one another and work toward goals together.

Angelica is big on recognition. She uses her position to motivate and inspire, and makes a point to highlight success when she sees it. She also supports team members with constructive feedback and by providing the necessary tools for improvement.

I let them express what they think … ” she says about her management style. If I can help them, I help them. We are a family and we have to support each other to be authentic.

Angelica shares a story of encouragement, remembering that she once worked with a manager who was late and unreliable, but today, she now counts him as one of her best!

“If you have the desire, you will achieve it.”

So how can you join her team? The Ontario team is like Angelica’s second family, so naturally, she has a list of ideal qualities for Taco Bell job candidates. She looks for energy, kindness, a desire to work and a lot of motivation from within

Its teamwork, working with enthusiasm and working with desire,” she says. “Because if we don’t feel like working we won’t do it.Apply today!