DRG President Headlines Virtual #QSRNext Event

DRG in the News

Our very own SG Ellison was keynote speaker at #QSRNext, an all virtual industry event created to give those in quick service/fast food a convenient way to exchange ideas and learn from industry veterans like SG.

#QSRNext kicked off with a splashy promo video about DRG featuring COO Tom Douglas and James Amon followed by SG’s speaking engagement, where he called in live, from his office.

How a Franchisee Innovates with the Taco Bell Brand

The innovation and popularity of our Taco Bell cantina concept which “pairs craveable Mexican-inspired food with this amazing social dining experience,” continues to be buzzworthy. SG offers his perspective on how a Taco Bell cantina“elevates the brand” and also elevates the experience for involved team members and management. Watch carefully, there’s also a special nod to our private label Taco Bell wine from CEO David Grieve’s winery!

DRG operates six Taco Bell cantinas, all designed with their own unique themes (beachside, patio, sports, VIP lounge, X-Box gaming, urban chic). As far as how these restaurants have come to be, SG says that DRG “chooses the location based on what’s best for the trade area.”

Hear more of what SG and other industry leaders had to say during the conference by watching the full #QSRNext event on YouTube.