DRG: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!


DRG enjoyed a recent pit stop in Las Vegas for the company’s annual Leadership Summit, where we fueled up on the desire to continue racing toward the top in franchisee leadership and innovation. 

We’ve been in the QSR industry for over a decade. DRG’s initial acquisition of Taco Bell restaurants happened in 2012 and at the start of this year, we celebrated a milestone ten times that original transaction with 300 restaurants and counting!

“The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car. It’s the one who refuses to lose.” – Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

This year, DRG has its sights set on the prize. We’re committed to being a winning team. Here’s how we’ll take over the finish line, by:

Join a Winning Team

At DRG, there’s no shortage of drive. We won’t stop until we’re No. 1! Want to join our crew? Try and catch us during the next stop — we won’t break for long!