Only the BEST at DRG!


Striving to be the best never gets old around here. We’re delighted to announce this year’s premier Taco Bells and good as gold general managers (aka Golden Bell winners). Congratulations to the following DRG restaurants and leaders for their well deserved recognition throughout the Taco Bell system and the DRG family.

Signature Restaurants



Store 30740, Santa Cruz, CA
GM: Luis Romero
AC: Mike Scheidegger

Store 30752, Benecia, CA
GM: Sara Trejo
AC: Angelica Chavez

Store 30754, Pacifica, CA
GM: Janet Amador
AC: James Aman

Store 30757, Hayward, CA
GM: Stephanie Howard
AC: Diana Flores

Store 30764, Freedom, CA
GM: Teresa Marin
AC: Mike Scheidegger

Store 30766, Livermore, CA
GM: Zafia Begum
AC: Griselda Godinez

Store 30774, San Leandro, CA
GM: Maria Briseno Bernal
AC: Diana Flores

Store 30784, San Leandro, CA
GM: Denia Pena Paez
AC: Diana Flores

Store 30785, South San Francisco, CA
GM: Yessica Nieto
AC: Chris Castellanos

Store 30787, Redwood City, CA
GM: Araceli Madrigal
AC: Chris Castellanos

Store 30788, Foster City, CA
GM: Soledad Nestoso
AC: Chris Castellanos

Store 30795, Hayward, CA
GM: Concepcion Avina Lopez
AC: Diana Flores

Store 30796, San Carlos, CA
GM: Bryan Hermoza
AC: Chris Castellanos

Store 30807, Danville, CA
GM: Mir Alam
AC: Yiovani Rodriguez

Store 30808, Alamo, CA
GM: Zulaikha Ali
AC: Yiovani Rodriguez

Store 30810, Tracy, CA
GM: Guadalupe Martinez
AC: Griselda Godinez



Store 30937, Pittsburg, CA
GM: Sarita Singh
AC: Dolores Gonzales

Store 32289, San Leandro, CA
GM: Erick Ortiz
AC: Diana Flores

Store 37320, Danville, CA
GM: Pedro Favela
AC: James Aman

Store 39790, Sylmar, CA
GM: Olga L Mata Romero
AC: Maria Villicano

Store 39791, San Fernando, CA
GM: Francisco Pina Romero
AC: Maria Villicano

Store 39799, San Fernando, CA
GM: Gloria Valencia
AC: Martha Medina

Store 39810, Lancaster, CA
GM: Juanita Zermeno
AC: Teresa Jimenez


Store 34404, Overland Park, KS
GM: Jennifer Guthrie
AC: Albert Green


Store 35243, Independence, MO
GM: None
AC: Layla Awo


Store 31896, North Las Vegas, NV
GM: Alejandra Bonilla Mendoza
AC: Connie Bejar

Store 31915, Las Vegas, NV
GM: Jesus Salazar Morales
AC: Ali Orduno

Store 32366, Las Vegas, NV
GM: Darren Espy
AC: Debbie King

Store 34080, Las Vegas, NV
GM: Christina Oconnor
AC: Ali Orduno

Store 34350, Las Vegas, NV
GM: Allison Warner
AC: Mark Peck

2023 Signature and Golden Bell Metrics

Signature Restaurants are restaurants that deliver best-in-class service, people and unrivaled culture, and have the fundamentals in place to serve delicious Taco Bell faves from open to close! 

To become a Signature Restaurant, strive to be a five-star restaurant all year long with a clear focus on people, customers, fundamentals and sales. Most importantly, strive to be a five-star restaurant all year long: 

By meeting the above requirements, the top 100 general managers and area coaches have a chance at Golden Bell status and a spot for the annual reward trip (most often in Hawaii!) based on:

  • Average star standing for the year, rounded to the nearest half star;      
  • Less than two integrity letters;
  • Highest number of five-star periods;
  • Best of the best ACs must have at least one restaurant in top 200 and an overall grade “A” for area span; and
  • The top 25 ACs are determined based on the highest number of “A” periods.

2022 Golden Bell Winners

Bryan Hermoza, General Manager
Store 030796, San Carlos, CA
Area Coach: Chris Castellanos

Gloria Valencia, General Manager
Store 039799, San Fernando, CA
Area Coach: Martha Medina

Janet Amador, General Manager
Store 030754, Pacifica, CA
Area Coach: James Aman

Luis Romero, General Manager
Store 030740, Santa Cruz, CA
Area Coach: Mike Scheidegger

Maria Briseno Bernal, General Manager
Store 030774, San Leandro, CA
Area Coach: Diana Flores

Sarita Singh, General Manager
Store 030937, Pittsburg, CA
Area Coach: Dolores Gonzales

Teresa Marin, General Manager
Store 030764, Freedom, CA
Area Coach: Mike Scheidegger

Zulaikha Ali, General Manager
Store 030808, Alamo, CA
Area Coach: Yiovani Rodriguez