Meet Senior Area Coach Sean McGuire


Senior Area Coach Sean McGuire, who oversees the Kansas City, MO market, started working when he was 18 years old, and he’s been working diligently ever since. He joined DRG a year and a half ago after his story took a unique twist during the pandemic.

Among the most loyal of employees, Sean had been with the same casual dining company for 23 years. He worked his way up from being an hourly team member to securing the role of Director of Operations for the brand. But the pandemic hit that sector of the industry particularly hard and he was one of a handful laid off.

Sean immediately connected with a recruiter. This was kind of a scary process,” he says. I had to look for a job; I hadn’t interviewed in a long time. 

It was when the recruiter started asking Sean some questions about his values and leadership style that she made a connection, pointing him in the direction of DRG.

When people ask me, ‘What’s so great about DRG?he explains. I tell them… this company fits everything that I’ve looked for with an employer. Culture is strong; we have absolutely the best people in the industry. Leadership is strong. We know the vision, we know the goals. We know where we’re headed. 


Sean assumed the Senior Area Coach role about four months ago. You can tell he’s passionate about the company, the people and connecting others with opportunity.

He’s already recruited several people to join DRG and for this he shows excitement. In fact, the entire management team at the new Taco Bell Cantina in Kansas City (which is “rocking Kansas City’s socks off so far”) is full of Sean’s former co-workers!

“We provide them [with] an opportunity to grow and flourish,” he says. He goes on to add, “Everybody has a seat at the table with us.”

Speaking of opportunity and growth, DRG is building four new restaurants in the Kansas City area this year. The company plans to grow the market to 100 restaurants by 2025. According to Sean, that’s approximately 30 new general manager and assistant manager positions, several area coaches, and another director of operations.

Of his own contributions, Sean is particularly proud of his role in helping to improve pay structure since joining the company. He says pay is highly competitive at DRG and the company also offers retention bonuses. Tuition assistance also sets DRG apart from many of its competitors.

Sean loves working for DRG. It’s nice to wake up every morning and be absolutely pumped to go to work and make a difference.