DRG Highlights: Women on the Rise


At DRG, it’s go BIG or go home. In April, we proudly vocalized our commitment to making more room for women at the leadership table, where their voices and ideas can be prominently heard, shared and valued. With this, we launched our new Women in Leadership (WIL) Initiative and announced our first class of WIL honorees as just one of many moves in the right direction.

“Diversity of thought is necessary for any successful business.” – Kara Ramirez, New VP of Operations – Kansas City

These trailblazers are special people in their own right who are at the forefront of changing company culture, just by being who they are, and confidently leading and inspiring the next generation of young women. And we haven’t stopped there! This month, we’re thrilled to have

new Senior Vice President of Human Resources Deb Wendorf and Director of Operations for Kansas City Christie Glasear join the team.

Without further ado, meet our newest female Senior Area Coaches:

Dion McKinnon, Senior Area Coach, Taco Bell – Reno

Dion joined DRG four years ago, right before the start of the pandemic. She started as Area Coach in our Las Vegas Taco Bell market, and now leads in Reno. She strives to be a role model to others, “helping people grow and achieve whatever their future goals may be.” 

“I feel so honored to be a part of an organization that has made women in leadership such a huge priority.” – Dion McKinnon, Sr. Area Coach – Taco Bell

Debbie King, Senior Area Coach, Taco Bell – Las Vegas

Debbie has been with DRG for seven years and Taco Bell for 25! That’s a long time to be trying to secure a seat in a male-dominant upper management setting.

When DRG acquired her former employer, Debbie says she became the first Restaurant General Manager to be promoted to AC. Now, she’s enjoying another first as one of the first females to rise above that title at DRG. To show the significance, Debbie is now responsible for 17 restaurants and more than 450 team members!

“I believe that every company should be run this way. We all bring something different and valuable to the table … I feel blessed to be a part of Diversified Restaurant Group.” – Debbie King, Sr. Area Coach, Taco Bell

Debbie, also an immigrant, credits her all-male mentors at DRG for making her feel valued and supported every step of the way.

Laura Fuentes, Senior Area Coach, Las Vegas

Laura assumes the Senior Area Coach position on the Arby’s side of our business. She’s been with DRG since 2019 and dedicated to the Arby’s brand for 20 years.

Laura says she takes great pride in DRG where she’s seen male leadership remain consistent in their assurances that being a woman will not be an obstacle. And so far, that’s true! According to her, DRG has offered ample opportunity and avenues for growth so long as she’s put in the effort.

“DRG showed me that I have more potential than I thought.” – Laura Fuentes, Sr. Area Coach

Responsible for more than 20 restaurants, Laura empowers others to reach their full potential too. She says that she appreciates working in an environment where other women make her feel welcome and valued.

At DRG, we want to change culture at every level. And we’re doing it!

To you, well-deserving women, thank you for paving the way for future female leaders and for proving that yes, you CAN do it. We salute you!