Congrats to these 6 Live Más Scholarship Recipients


After reviewing more than 1,400 applications for the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees, the Taco Bell Foundation awarded 157 team members nationwide, including 6 team members from DRG. Congrats!

Roman Rozbitskyy

Passion: Health and Fitness
Scholarship: $25,000
Location: 1284 Warm Springs, Henderson NV 89014

Valentine Vu

Passion: Fashion Design
Scholarship: $25,000
Location: 8550 W. Warm Springs, Las Vegas NV 89113

Jan Reece Bautista

Passion: Photography
Scholarship: $10,000
Location: 2512 E. Sunset Road, Las Vegas NV 89120

Carissa French

Passion: Mathematics
Scholarship: $5,000
Location: 9301 MO-152, Kansas City, MO64158

Edosasere Amayo

Passion: Medicine
Scholarship: $2,500 | Renewal
Location: 525 NE Coronado Dr., Blue Springs, MO64014

Juliana Hollenbeck

Passion: Other
Scholarship: $2,500 | Renewal
Location: 8150 Blue Dimond RD, Las Vegas, NV 89178