East Vista: Now Open for Business!


One of our newest Taco Bells, on East Vista Way, opened at the end of 2023 and is off to a sizzling start. For Laura Pitiquen, who is new to DRG, the updated location (new drive-thru menu board, digital menus, updated furniture) is a nice change of scenery — she’s used to managing older Taco Bells.

Laura is East Vista’s Restaurant General Manager (RGM). She joined DRG during an acquisition. She says she was scared about a transition in ownership, but noticed similarities in culture immediately between DRG and her previous employer.

“We all want the same thing: We care about the customers.” 

The last Taco Bell Laura opened was six years ago. East Vista brings her career total to four. Today, her biggest challenge is having an all-new team. Training and correcting team members continue to be daily priorities.

But, Laura appears to be in the right place. “I love working with people … training, interacting with people,” she shares. Her goal is to propel East Vista to top 10, she says “make this store one of the best. Sounds good to us!

Stop by today:

910 East Vista Way
Vista, CA