Jesus Vargas on Leadership, Development & Inspiring Greatness


Jesus Vargas is a Senior Area Coach, responsible for all of our Taco Bells in Simi Valley, CA. He’s been with DRG for a year now and the brand for 25 years.

When Jesus first started working in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, there was no such thing as social media. Well, technically, he started the year that the very first social media site was born, according to this article. Today, as we actively invest in boosting our company’s presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, people like Jesus are seeing the impact of social media on recruiting and the next generation.

I really enjoy that social media helps so much in this process of getting people [on] board and getting them excited about growing in the company,” he says. 

One of Jesus’ primary passions is pushing others toward growth that provides them with a better life. 

I really enjoy doing that,” he says. “That’s a reason why I am still here.”

In 20-plus years of management with Taco Bell, Jesus has come to recognize the importance of inspiring those around him. He says people are often afraid of growing, but he’s found a way to motivate with a can-do attitude and bursts of encouraging words. Most recently, Jesus played an integral role in developing several other Area Coaches for DRG, something he’s very proud of. To him, he’s helping turn dreams into reality, jobs into careers.

“You need to really focus on gathering yourself the right people And helping them become successful,” he says.“Because opportunities are always going to be there for us.”

Success in our Taco Bells — speed of service, exceeding sales goals — benefits everyone, including our hungry, faithful guests. 

“Eventually all the successes are going to come … the end results are going to [be] opportunities for everybody.” -Jesus Vargas, Sr. AC

But it starts with doing the right thing, which is one of DRG’s core values. Growth doesn’t happen by cutting corners, Jesus is quick to point out.

I feel like doing the right thing in DRG or any other place means taking care of people and helping people to achieve their dreams,” he continues. DRG supports its own with scholarships and tuition assistance, opportunities to climb higher on the career ladder, and so much more.

Jesus reminds us DRG also places emphasis on having fun (another one of our core values). 

“When my director said, We have to have fun,’ I said, Oh wow!’” he recalls. Jesus didn’t have the “fun factor” before arriving at DRG. But there’s power in having fun — “people really need to love being in that place, working with everybody that’s there.” 

DRG has great culture, you will enjoy that.” -Jesus Vargas, Sr. AC

Jesus has definitely been a part of improving culture in our restaurants. He believes that that responsibility rests with leadership. It’s part of showing that leadership really cares about its people. And we do — DRG cares. So here’s to more fun in 2023!