Meet RGM Shelby Bowen


When Shelby Bowen joined Taco Bell as a team member in 2013, she was working two jobs and says she instantly fell in love with the work. Actually, she also fell in love love at Taco Bell later.

“I am truly happy,” she says after sharing her story and reflecting on her years with Taco Bell (and DRG since 2017 or 2018).

Shelby is Restaurant General Manager (RGM) of the Woods Chapel location in Kansas City, KS, where she says she has an amazing team that’s always willing to jump in and get any job done. Just like many at DRG, she has found herself appreciated and valued, climbing the career ladder quite easily.


It took her about three months to rise to Shift Lead, then four months later, she was an Assistant Manager. However, when Shelby became an Assistant Manager, she became pregnant with her first child. As a single parent at the time, it was too much. 

“Working 50 hours just wasn’t cutting it,” she says. “Somebody else was raising my child and it just wasn’t okay with me.” Shelby expressed her need for a more relaxed schedule and willingly moved back down to a shift lead. She likes how flexible DRG is and that her happiness is a priority.

It is this career move that ultimately led to meeting her husband, who also worked at Taco Bell at the time. After they enjoyed the birth of their daughter together, she was ready to move up again.

Now Shelby is not only a Manager, but also a Market Training Manager. She currently has her sights set on the Area Coach position next. But she’s not just focused on her own success. Shelby is also excited about all of the growth at DRG that will bring more opportunity for others as well. And she definitely feels supported by DRG.

It’s kind of like we’re a family, she says. Like if I need something, they’re there.

DRG helped relieve financial stress for Shelby and her family when she was exposed to COVID-19 early in the pandemic and had to take two weeks off without pay. Through its employee assistance program DRG Cares, she was given an opportunity to apply for a grant and got it.

With three young children and a husband at home, she’s also experienced regular support from her Area Coach and team who understand the importance of making school events and filling in for each other when there’s an emergency.