Elmer is an RGM Who Never Stops Learning with DRG


The saying goes, “never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” That’s certainly the case for Elmer Soto, Restaurant General Manager (RGM) for DRG’s Rancho San Diego Taco Bell location.

Elmer has been with the brand for 15 years and says, “every day you learn something new, and I’m still not done!”

Starting as a Shift Lead, Elmer worked his way up the career ladder to Assistant Manager and eventually the RGM role, where he excels today.

“I love what I do.” – Elmer Soto, RGM

Variety is the Secret Sauce

Variety of work is what’s kept Elmer around so long, he says. He enjoys working with everyone from those starting their first jobs to veterans who have been with the company 20-plus years. With the younger set, he says, “I’m always teaching them something.”

And with tenured team members, he says, “they’re teaching me something.”

Elmer admits that not every day on the job is perfect, but his team always celebrate their wins and help each other out on the rough days. That positive energy exchange is what keeps Elmer going. “Working with the people that I have is a treat every day,” he says.

“It’s limitless: where you can go with DRG.” – Elmer Soto, RGM

What’s one item on Elmer’s bucket list? Going back to school to earn his college degree. And thanks to DRG’s tuition assistance program, that dream can become a reality! 

“I know that if I wanted to go back, that [DRG is] there to help me get those goals,” he shares. “It’s comforting to know that at my age, I can still get it done.”