In 2021, Corinne Canavan traveled to Las Vegas, NV from Detroit, MI on vacation. Nothing unusual.

I realized that I love the weather and also, I noticed that the service industry was kind of struggling,” she recalls. “To me, that looked like an opportunity with my background.

She simply applied online for a job with DRG and was hired — on her birthday — over Zoom. The rest, as they say, is history.

Opportunity After Opportunity

Corinne’s story with Arby’s actually starts farther back, though. She first started working for the brand during high school, long before joining the DRG family. She began as a cashier and found herself steadily working her way up to management, taking on every position Arby’s has to offer.” And doing it well! She was among our top performers to go to Cabo last fall!

“I was an assistant six months before taking over my first location,” she says. Today, Corinne has managed seven restaurants so far and certified three. She says she likes the fast-paced environment. Her home base is our Durango Arby’s in North Las Vegas.

According to Corinne, DRG offers endless opportunity and opens up the spectrum of where my career could go.”

I need things to be new and exciting,” she continues. DRG is really good at keeping it that way.

Corinne says no matter where the career path takes her, she sees options at DRG: open a new restaurant, move up, check out another path within DRG. That’s what she’d share with prospects — DRG is a place where personal and professional development is happening all the time. And we have great benefits!

I just, I see so many different opportunities,” she says.

Mentorship Matters

Today, Corinne holds two important roles for us — Certified Training Manager (CTM) for DRG Meats and manager of her Arby’s location.

My team at 7781 … they get the job done for me,” she gushes. “My assistant is definitely my better half. Every single person on my management team plays an individualized role in running the store. And they all do such a great job.

I’ve never, ever worked with a more inclusive group of people.

In her day to day, sometimes Corinne is the mentor and sometimes she’s the student, she admits. She sees value in learning from diverse people from so many different walks of life.

Much as she enjoyed her all-expenses paid trip to Mexico as a newly inducted DRG Champions’ Club member (and Arby’s General Manager of the Year), it’s what she said in an earlier interview that shows her commitment to making an impact: “My favorite thing is training and development … I think it’s my job to bring someone else here next year, she said about developing others to compete for a spot on our beloved reward trip. 

“I love the constant flow of mentorship … it’s always going in and going out, whether I’m the mentor or the student.” – Corrine Canavan, Training Manager

But you can’t earn a spot if you’re not a part of the team. Apply now! “It’s a very easy, fast-paced, fun job to have,” Corinne would tell you with enthusiasm!