From Cashier To Cashing In


Karlo Koska started working for DRG as a cashier at age 17 (a job that also included toilet cleaning duties), which is what makes his swift rise through the ranks to Senior Financial Analyst all the more impressive! Karlo excelled in his role so much, he was named the Top RSC Employee Of the Year and was one of the lucky attendees on a recent Champions’ Club reward trip to San José del Cabo where we caught up with him. 

“My Mom’s gonna be proud that I’m here,were the first words out of his mouth.

Karlo started as cashier … and now he’s Senior Financial Analyst!

So what does a financial analyst do?  “I support the field with all their data needs,” Karlo shares. “I take all that admin work away from them so they can focus on … running the restaurant.” It’s a job that keeps him so busy, everyone’s got me on speed dial.”

DRG’s Prodigal Son

Before Karlo became an analyst, he stepped away from DRG for what he calls “a ninemonth vacation.” During that time, DRG continued to grow and there was an increase in opportunities in the analytics field. This sparked Karlo’s interest. Karlo was in the process of buying a house when DRG came calling. The timing seemed perfect! 

“They’ve shown up. Every time,” he shares.

Now Karlo is very happy in his role and enjoys going into the office every day. “Everybody’s pretty much family there,” he says. “I love having these guys around.”

Karlo says his job is all about helping people out, a dedication which earned him a place in the coveted Champions’ Club

“I think that’s what really got me here,” he says. “Being selfless in what I do.” 

Upon arriving in San José del Cabo, Karlo says he realized, “These guys really DO appreciate meI appreciate them appreciating me!”

“These guys really do appreciate me.” -Karlo Koska, Senior Financial Analyst


For anyone looking for advice on how to achieve their own career success, Karlo says, “Always try to add value to the challenge we’re trying to solve. Being helpful and working as a team will bring everybody up!”

As for the future with DRG, “I definitely see an upward trajectory in the growth here,” Karlo says. A promising prediction coming from a financial analyst!