It’s time for one of our favorite reveals, this year’s Live Más Scholarship winners at DRG! Eleven ambitious individuals from within our company have been selected as recipients of Taco Bell Foundation’s supremely famous scholarship for restaurant employees, each securing $5,000 to $25,000 toward higher education pursuits.

DRG recipients have won a combined total of $120,000 in 2024 scholarship funds from the Foundation!

Here at DRG, we consider it an honor to be a part of anyone’s journey toward personal and professional fulfillment. With Live Más Scholarships and our tuition assistance program, we help make dreams possible!

Check out our winners and their diverse interests! A special “shout out” to sports lover Gracie Salazar, who was selected by the Foundation to be part of the non-profit’s national recipient reveal. Gracie, you go, girl!


Congratulations 2024 Live Más Scholars!


Gracie Salazar, 039796
Passion: Sports

View Gracie’s Video

Melody Silva Gutierrez, 039842
Passion: Health and Fitness
View Silva’s Video


Aidan Edmonds, 034411
View Aidan’s Video

Anthony Mele, 031891
Passion: Medicine
View Anthony’s Video

Carlos Harris, 041597
Passion: Science
View Carlos’s Video

Yohanese Yilma, 031894
Passion: Medicine
View Yohanese’s Video


Edosasere Amayo, 035242
Passion: M
View Edosasere’s Video

Arnold Mendoza, 039786
Passion: Medicine
View Arnold’s Video


Diego Lopez, 031879
Passion: Creative Arts
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Evan Mertz, 031916
Passion: Business and Entrepreneurship
View Evan’s Video

Kimberly Rosas, 041595
Passion: Creative Arts
View Kimberly’s Video