Senior VP of Operations SoCal: Surrounded By The Heart of Taco Bell


It’s a season of growth for DRG, and we knew the perfect person to help manage the job. He just had to be lured out of retirement first. Bob Schalow is a 21-year Taco Bell veteran who held 14 different titles during his tenure with the brand. Which makes him the perfect choice to lead DRG’s continued expansion into the SoCal market as our Senior Vice President of Operations in Southern California. Bob was recently brought in to manage a large acquisition and offer support to the team. “It’s a really exciting time,” he shares.

Bob believes an important part of his job is to make the new team members “feel welcome in our family.” Bringing on new restaurants, and the accompanying teams, is all about stabilizing, hiring and training. “Now, we are focused on taking it to the next level,” Bob says.

Competitive Spirit 

A father of two soon-to-be college athlete daughters, Bob took a sabbatical from a travel-heavy work schedule to be able to focus on his daughters and their athletic careers as a competitive swimmer and field hockey player, respectively. Perhaps being around the competition inspired him, because Bob soon found himself itching for a new challenge. And that’s where DRG came in. “I would have said no to anybody else,” Bob shares.

“We want DRG to be the top of five stars across the country and in Taco Bell.”

DRG’s Southern California Market surrounds the heart of Taco Bell (founded in Downey, CA). So it’s more important than ever to operate at a higher level. And who would know better than Bob? He joined Taco Bell on the corporate side in 1995 and even met his wife while working for the brand. “I started with Taco Bell. I am going to finish with Taco Bell,” he asserts.


Growth Mindset

Bob understands that an expansion of 100 restaurants represents thousands of employees and lots of opportunity for growth. “We’re making an impact in people’s lives every day,” he says.

Which is why Bob’s focus is on continuing to make the DRG culture a winning culture, and one that people want to be part of. His favorite part of the job is interviewing the next generation of DRG leaders and promoting them “from a team member, all the way up.”

“I am having the time of my life. I love this brand,” Bob shares. A living example of DRG’s mission to positively impact the lives of our team and the communities in which we serve.

“We are looking to lead the way.”