The One & Only GM of the Year is Sarita Singh!


Meet the lovely Sarita Singh, an RGM who’s devoted her entire career to Taco Bell. And boy is it showing! Sarita is a two-time Golden Bell winner who also recently helped her Pittsburg, CA Taco Bell achieve Signature Restaurant status. Now, she’s the latest manager to be named Taco Bell’s GM of the Year, the top performing GM for the brand’s entire system! We’re beyond proud to see her in the spotlight!

For Sarita Singh, being named GM of the Year was a really proud moment.

Sarita says this is her life. “This” refers to her role at Taco Bell, regular night shifts and beloved chosen family away from home. She’s been with Taco Bell for 26 years and calls Store 30937 her “first house” because of how much time she spends in the workplace where she is loved and supported by her team and other restaurant leaders.

“I love my job.” – Sarita Singh, RGM

Surprise, Surprise!

For Sarita, this latest accolade was a total surprise. She didn’t find out she was GM of the Year until she was already in Hawaii, enjoying her much-deserved “top GM” spot on the annual Golden Bell reward trip

Even my kids didn’t tell me!” she says (Sarita’s son and daughter were made aware of the forthcoming announcement). “It was really amazing. It was a proud moment.”

Sarita brought her daughter as her “plus one” on the trip. She was in for yet another surprise when she showed up to the airport and found out her son had booked a plane ticket to join them! You see, both children have seen Sarita work really hard over the years, especially as their father’s employment had highs and lows, and were involved in paying tribute to her (her son is featured in the video that was played during the presentation in Hawaii). 

For Sarita, an escape to Hawaii was amazing on so many levels. Other than when DRG whisked her away to Cabo last year for another reward trip, she’s not had a vacation away from Taco Bell in her two-plus decades of service.

“I’m really grateful for DRG,” she continues. “And my kids were more happy than me!”  

Sarita couldn’t believe the event setup in Hawaii. “Wow, that was for us!” she says, recalling how she felt in the moment, as she was excitedly taking photos of the tables and decor.

Sarita, at DRG, we think you’re worth all that fuss and more! Congratulations on this incredible achievement. We appreciate how you lead and inspire others around you!