In March we celebrate Women’s History Month. As a team made of 54% women, DRG has committed to programs, events, and discourse that prioritize the personal and professional development of women. Our company could not operate at the level it does without the strong women on our team who largely contribute to our success. This month we will highlight just a few of the women in our organization that positively impact our teams every day.

Meet Area Coach (AC) Alma Morales, who oversees our San Diego County locations. She’s grown into a strong leader for the DRG team and continues to go above and beyond in everything she does. 

To be a Golden Bell winner is already a high honor. And still, Alma is part of an even smaller group of top-performing Taco Bell managers. She’s not only won the Golden Bell award two times, but one year, she received it for two restaurants simultaneously!

“It’s really hard to achieve Golden Bell,” she says. But achieving Golden Bell for both of your stores at the same time, it’s a very proud moment that I have in my Taco Bell career.

“You can achieve whatever you want.” -Alma Morales, Area Coach

Alma’s career spans 18 years (and counting). She started as an Assistant General Manager (AGM) and as her career with Taco Bell took off, she became Restaurant General Manager (RGM) and next, a Multi-Unit Manager overseeing two Taco Bells. Today, as an AC she manages seven locations!


Work + Family

Regardless of her growing level of responsibility, Alma still prioritizes her three children, her “pride and joy.”

My secret is enjoying quality time with my family,” she says. Even if the quantity of time she has with her family can be limited, she adds, it’s the quality of the time she spends with them that helps her balance it all.

For Alma, winning a Golden Bell reward trip to Hawaii is even more special when you can bring a plus one. She shares that this provides a chance for family to share in celebrating your professional growth.

“It’s the family [that] get to see what you’re doing and why you’re sacrificing yourself,” she says. “When you come to work and you have those long days, or those hard days … it all pays off.”

Grow Big (or Go Home)

“At no point [have I] felt that I have limits,” Alma says of DRG. “ They always encourage you to go for it — go get it — and motivate you.”

With DRG, Alma sees innovation and even more opportunity. 

She also appreciates DRG’s tremendous support system  and genuine care for team members. She references our Employee Assistance Program — the DRG Cares Fundand scholarships.

“They are so big about scholarships,” she says. “They believe in the future that we have.”

DRG wants a great future for its people.

Taco Bell is about believing in people, growing people, teaching people and developing people,” she says.

So, what’s next for Alma? She’s not entirely sure but with Taco Bell and DRG, the sky’s the limit!

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