Meet Area Coach Ariana Gomez


Ariana Gomez is always searching for the next opportunity. After 12 years with McDonald’s, and without a chance to climb the career ladder, she found herself looking for more. In 2019, she put in an application for a job with DRG and since then, she hasn’t looked back. And this year, she has a lot to celebrate. As a recent promote to Area Coach, Gomez is ready to continue her journey of learning and growing with the company.

“This company gives you so much opportunity to do more,” Gomez said. “Leadership really cares about us. They care about your personal and professional life.”

Ariana hopes to become a Director of Operations someday. For now, she’s accomplished her short-term goal of becoming Area Coach, and she’s finding her way through her new job with plenty of support. In 2020, Ariana earned GM of the Year for the Nevada market. She also managed a new restaurant opening as well as becoming a certified training manger during 2021.

“I’m overseeing four restaurants and I’m getting to know my team,” she said. “I always wanted to be a teacher when I was little. Those dreams are coming true today!”